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Discover the MAGIC and JOY of parenting and experience a transformation in the relationship with your little ones

There's no doubt that raising children through the early years is challenging. 
But they don't have to be this difficult. 

Let us help you to discover why everything you've tried in the past hasn't been effective. 

To know how you can parent from a place of calm, confidence and connection.

So you can build secure foundations with your little ones.

Why am I so passionate about supporting parents through the early years?

Because early childhood experiences are the single biggest predictor of both their academic and their social/emotional success. 

Did you know that 90% of a child's brain develops in the first 5 years? 

These early years are crucial to their development.

It is these experiences that create templates in the brain that can last a lifetime. 


I'm Sarah

And I would love to welcome you into our Positive Parenting Coaching Programme.

I'm the founder of Secure Foundations with extensive experience helping families just like yours feel empowered and confident.

 So that you can support your little ones through behavioural challenges without  frustration, fear, shame and doubt. 

Ready to join the Positive Parenthood? 
Here's what you'll have access to

Easy to Digest Content

  •  Over 36 videos with easy to digest content so that you can consume content in bite sized pieces
  • ​​​Content unlocked weekly to allow time to process the contend and reduce the overwhelm 
  • ​​​Digital workbooks to track your success and keep effective strategies at close hand


  •  24/7 on demand access on any device so that you can access anytime, anywhere
  • ​6 months access - I really want you to take action and implement all that I share to transform you parenting journey
  • ​Access to a community of like-minded parents to share your journey with so you never feel alone
  • ​​​14 day Money Back Guarantee – no questions asked.

Special Bonuses

  •  ​​6 x sessions of group coaching to answer any of your specific questions LIVE – Valued at $660 
  •  6 x Personal emails to answer specific questions related to your unique situation – Valued at $894 
  • ​6 X Monthly masterclasses presented live to take a deeper dive into various parenting challenges and child development topics - Valued at $294

Long-term Results

  •  Total parenting transformation – Priceless 
  • ​A co-operative, connected relationship with your children and partner – Priceless 


Get these 5 parenting-transforming modules + 1 bonus module!

  • Attachment theory basics and how to create a secure attachment
  • ​Intimately understand your triggers and how to change them
  • ​How your own childhood is affecting your parenting
  • ​How to understand your family values and priorities
  • ​Your child’s unique temperament and how to parent their individual traits
  • ​Your parenting style and how this affects your child's development
  •  How behaviours are learned
  • ​Why your child ‘misbehaves’ *hint* they aren’t naughty
  • The underlying needs of behaviours and how to meet them
  • Positive strategies to respond to challenging behaviours
  • ​How to ‘fill your child’s cup’
  • ​The difference between responding and reacting
  • ​How you may be contributing to challenging behaviours
  •  The basics of discipline and how to effectively use discipline
  •  An understanding of punishment and what isn't recommended
  • ​How to use effective discipline with strategies for different scenarios
  •  How to effectively use consequences
  • ​The importance of managing yourself 'in the moment' and how to do that
  •  Learn how to implement effective consequences that make sense every time
  •  Understand how to set limits and boundaries that have follow through
  •  Understand the difference between threats, bribes and consequences
  •  How to play to increase co-operation
  •  How to build attachment through play
  •  Your child's Love Languages
  • ​How to repair your relationship when you react instead of respond


 BONUS #1:

Information book and worksheets:
Each module comes with a workbook to keep track of your own reflections and consolidate your learning so that you can track your progress and stay accountable to your parenting growth

 BONUS #2:

Beautifully designed and easy to follow cheat sheets so that you can print and save visual reminders as a quick guide 

 BONUS #3:

Twice monthly access to Sarah so that you can receive specific suggestions for your challenges. To get personalised help as you implement changes. Including monthly masterclasses where we take a deeper dive into specific topics to nurture the healthy development of your child's play, social and emotional skills

 BONUS #4:

Access to a supportive village of likeminded parents so that you never have to feel like your alone on this parenting journey or that others don't 'get you'


Got any questions?
Email me any questions or request a time to chat to see if this is right for you
The Positive Parenting Puzzle, RELAUNCHING on APRIL 23, 2021. 
Places are limited for an intimate group coaching environment, give your family the transformation it needs with a toolbox full of positive parenting tools.